GIF file format has limitation of 256 colors, so there are unavoidable damage to the photo when it is saved in GIF. We recommend saving an image in video format if you want to save a high quality.
If the photos saved in the machine is uploaded in iCloud, loading may take long. The download is through the network, so the process is vulnerable to the network speed.

Try again in Wifi network.
iPhone's photos app doesn't support GIF, so it seems still image. To see a gif on an iPhone, you need to install a GIF album App.

We recommend out GIF Viewer App. It's free.
Shortcut to Appstore link.
1. Log out from App Store.
2. Reboot iPhone or iPad.
3. Log in again at App store.
4. Retry purchase restoration.

Payment processing is managed by Apple in its entirety.
If still it has a problem, please contact Apple for help.

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